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Re: Star Trek London

Thanks for the heads up, Admiral Bear.
With this event, and another event that is recently happening soon in the UK organised by another first time convention group, I am wondering how they can financially back these things. It would be ok if they only had 2 or 3 guests which they probably could afford from the registration fees, autographs, photo ops etc, but with the amount of guests & the venue hire costs, I have my doubts about this event as well. I'd love to be proved wrong though!

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I fear Media 10 won't be up to organising, running, or promoting this event succesfully. A Star Trek convention is a whole different ball game to putting on an The Ideal Home Exhibition.

They already seem not to have a clue about how to access cast members if the terrible rumours are true. I wouldn't give them any money up front. People had to wait 18 months to get their money back from Joiner after he twice cancelled Warp 10.
With shit like him continually advertising phantom conventions (he's just cancelled another one) and taking people's money before waiting months to give it back, is it any wonder even the die hard attendees in the UK have given up and don't trust anyone anymore?
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