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Re: Fan Film Writer's Primer

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...For example, our shots of the ship don't look old-fashioned next to Phase II's simply because we didn't know how to light them more dimensionally or animate more dynamically, but because we wanted them to look as much like something you might actually have seen on Trek TOS as we could.
Yep. That's actually been a difficult thing to pull off. The whole "weirdspace" thing seen in Act 2 and the end of Act 3 is an example, because part of the design aesthetic of the show is to make it look like it would have if made in 1970 with the techniques available then. Jimm Johnson rejected a number of VFX for Act 4 because they looked computer generated. Act 4 has a lot of effects shots, and just about all of them are amongst the most complicated ones in the show. It's very easy to make them look too modern. In fact, for one effect, I proposed a CGI equivalent to a something Disney studios effects animation department did before WWII, and it looks great, AND it's actually something they could have done on TOS had they thought of it.

This relates to what Middy was saying about bringing in other influences. There's plenty of things people can bring to fanfilms that aren't fanwankery (endlessly connecting the dots and filling in continuity that exists only for its own sake). Look beyond the walls imposed on the franchise and see if you can stretch the format instead of slavishly following the formula.
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