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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Oh, I forgot to comment on "Sons of Mogh." I totally agree with everything you said. Here's my condensed list of grievances with that episode:

1. What in the world made Worf think he could kill Kurn on the station in the first place? If Dax hadn't interfered and he had gone through with the ritual... then what? Vaporize the body? Neither Odo or Sisko would have bee too pleased with that.

2. Why was Sisko yelling at Dax like she'd done something wrong? She's the one that stopped Worf.

3. Kurn should have died defending Worf on the Klingon ship. It would have given him the death he wanted, Worf could have felt guilty that he died saving him and had even more reason to brood a need Jadzia's shoulder to cry on. Problem(s) solved.

4. The only possible way Julian would have agreed to not only wipe Kurns memory against his will, but completely reconstruct his face and his DNA is if Jadzia sucked on his earlobe while asking him to do it.

5. If they simply had to do the memory-wipe thing, then Kurn/Rodek should have come back. Something about how all those redundancies in Klingon physiology caused his memory to come return. He's pissed cause now Worf is buddy-buddy with Martok and he got shafted. Worf has to fess up to Martok that he did some Federation techno-solution stuff to his own brother and, long story short, Kurn dies.

All that said, I agree with you GodBen. It was a good episode right up until the very end.

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Yes but isn't this the same Doctor that
Okay, I have seen every episode of DS9, but I am drawing a serious blank as to which one your spoiler is referring to
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