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Yeah, it really irritated me that Mansell only did two tracks, given how much they hyped his participation (Crysis 2 did a similar thing with Hans Zimmer). It's even worse than what Crysis 2 pulled because Mansell's tracks are pretty much the only ones that have any sort of staying power, although Das Malefitz is a pretty catchy track.
At least Hans Zimmer wrote themes that the other composers ended up using. Mansell's track-and-a-half weren't picked up in the rest of the score.
Zimmer's contribution was basically the opening credits theme, which was partially reused as the closing cutscene track. None of the other tracks in that OST used any cues from that track.

(Though I would have said that his were the ones with the least staying power - I much preferred Sam Hulick's work, and the other composers at least worked in a similar style.)
I routinely turn off the music or play my own stuff instead of listening to the games' music because how it just sounds like auditory wallpaper. There's few tracks I'd say I'd want to listen to or that can conjure up any sort of emotional response when separated from the games.
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