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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Scarlet Spider: This book continues to live up to the hype that proceeded it and I dare say that it is attempting to correct the mistakes that Ben Riley's books made when Marvel attempted to make him the solo Spider-Man. Instead of doing that they should have gone in an almost "Batman, Incorporated" route and have Ben operate in a different city and make new friends. New allies and enemies as he has been doing in Houston. The art is just terrific and I'm digging Kaine's new cast of characters. The deal with Belladonna is most likely going to challenge his continued struggle with morality. This has been one of my favourite new books.

Fantastic Four #684: I thought this was the start of a new arc, but it seems that I made a mistake. An excellent issue as always. These types of ambitious peaks into possible futures always make me excited. I love the idea that Ben is immortal and that is a lesson that Reed takes to heart. I also got a kick that there was a Spider Person on the Fantastic Four keeping that connection and legacy. Another example of just how important Peter's connection to the family is or turns out to be. Point One issue next month.
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