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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


I love it when Neelix butts in to the Senior Officerís briefing. Janeway said he could join them this one time, but I hope to see him in there more often. After all, Kes had a great idea about growing food! Also, why donít they have enough chairs in the meeting room?? I have a sneaking suspicion (based on when Neelix brags about his goulash) that he might end up being a horrible cook!

I think the doctor is a fascinating character. He was appalled because he was asked for something as trivial as dirt samples. I am not sure if he is going to be overly arrogant or just self-confident, but I donít mind either. I do like it that Kes asked him if he chose a name. I look forward to seeing if he chooses to pick a name, and if so what that name will be. I do wonder why he constantly asks to be turned off though. Do they eventually address this? He seems to have a personality, and I would think that something/someone with character would feel offended being turned off all the time.

Chakotay seems like a decent first officer. He wants to solidify the ship by giving the Maquis the same chances for officer status as anyone, and hopefully it will create a more unified ship. Also, he doesnít take any crap from his Maquis crew. When they were talking mutiny, he put an immediate stop to it.

Harry Kim definitely whines too much. His acting was atrocious when he had a splitting headache and he began to walk away stumbling and mumbling. I am not sure if I have an opinion on Janeway yet, but she does have great crazy eyes!

I think the ship needs seat belts. When they punched their way through the singularity people went tumbling all about; someone is going to end up with whiplash! They seemed to expect this so why didnít they either brace themselves, or why donít they have handy retractable straps or something.

Overall, I think the acting was a little too scripted in this episode and that the writing was a bit too rigid. However, I did like the mini-doctors humor and Chakotay and Janewayís interaction at the end when he asked if she would have served under him if they were on the Maquis ship.

I do have a question that someone can hopefully answer for me: how many people are left on the Voyager?
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