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Re: Fan Film Writer's Primer

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I'm a fan of Kirby Ferguson's EVERYTHING IS REMIXED. Kirby argues that everything is remixed, from music to art to movies to whatever. He's right. Even the products we use today are remixed from the past ... that's how innovation begins. Like the iPod, which was influenced by the Kodak camera of the 1920s. Kirby even gave a talk on the subject.

For Kirby, there's three stages of remixing — copy, combine and transform.
Whoa ... it's like he's re-mixing James Burke!

Alright, that's a little too snarky for the actual value of the content. Kirby goes beyond technological innovation and tackles the elements of creativity itself. That was a really neat video.

I'm intrigued by the need to bring in new elements to fan films to keep them from stagnating. Star Trek itself took a number of standard military tropes and set them on a starship in space to create something new for television.

On the other hand, fan films are re-mixing, but in ways that aren't immediately obvious. They're reproducing the look and feel of the original show, but they're doing so on a shoestring budget and utilizing tools and technology that would have been science fiction themselves forty years ago. What's missing is the creative influence of new ideas in story-telling.

Isn't the ultimate accomplishment of what you're describing to take elements of Star Trek, blend them with other influences, and put out something that is no longer Star Trek?
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