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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Some tidbits about S3 and cast commentary about S2.

I loved the part about the actors quaking in fear at getting the dreaded call to report to the Makeup Guy.

The strategy of killing off Dale as a prelude to the too-obvious death of Shane was right on the money. But this statement might cause some dismay:

Carl is the anchor of the series, Callies said. Rick and Lori's continued struggle over how to raise their son in a post-apocalyptic world remains a source of contention for the on-screen couple.
This is certainly intriguing:

Kirkman is testing AMC to see if the cable network has a limit with how disgusting the zombie kills can be.
Maggie better hope she doesn't get pregnant, because even if the writers probably wouldn't kill off Lori via Zombie Fetus, they'd jump at the chance to scare the shit out of her by having another female character die that way.
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