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Re: Cast actors for AVENGERS II

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The Vision: Zachary Quinto. He's always been the Spock of the team
Great idea!

The Scarlet Witch: Kim Kardashian. Armenian, gypsy, same difference.
The badness of this idea invalidates the greatness of your previous idea.
Are you thinking of the beautiful dynamic powerful mothering figure from the 60's, 70's and most of the 80s...

In recent years we found out that her children were a psychotic affliction that escaped the psychosis between her ears, which eventually lead to the confrontation with the Avengers that left a string of hero corpses (Hawkeye, Antman, Jack of Hearts, the Vision, others...) and the all but annihilation of the mutant species.

Wanda Maximoff is the wackjob who turned down marriage with zombie fungus from beyond the stars to mother space Jesus, to get hitched to a toaster by the Avengers greatest villain.

Her father is literally and sincerely comparable to Adolf Hitler, and most people think she slept with her brother... Without accounting for her rcent history where this woman tied the knot with Victor VonDoom because she believed that she could change him.

I care little for Kim, but the only person more qualified to play the Scarlet Witch in a movie than Miss Kardashian is a young Sean Penn.

Not a typo.

I did not mean a young Sean Young.

Only Sean Penn trying to survive living with Madonna brings the essential maximoffian sort of crazy to the table to cream this woman the justice she deserves as the worlds chief dingbat.
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