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Re: time travel movie "Looper" from Dir. Rian Johnson

I'm looking forward to the film, but I'm hoping there is a LOT more to the film, because the central premise being about the future mob sending people back 30 years just to be executed looks STUPID BEYOND BELIEF if one spends a minute looking at the implications.

Is sending people 30 years in the past is really the best way for the mob (looking like the peoples liberation front of Judea) :-) to whack someone? How can they be sure? Why not A) kill them right there in the future to be sure or at least B) kill them before sending them back, if disposal of the body if the major concern. Still, using time travel for disposal... Is that the best use of the tech - really???

I have been looking forward to the film a lot, but this trailer has dampened my expectations.
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