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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Altair VI, mentioned in the Kobayashi Maru training scenario seen in STAR TREK II
B is for Bounty, HMS (ST4)
C is for Captain Robau
D is for Delta IV, the homeworld of Lt. Ilia(TMP)
E is for Epsilon 9
F is for Final Frontier
G is for God, as in "What does God need with a starship?"
H is for holoship
I is for Inter-stellar war
J is for Joachim. Khan's second in command.
K is for KHAAAAAN!!!!
L is for Landru
M is for Mutara Nebula
N is for "Nuclear Wessels"
O is for Orion (Uhura's roommate in ST09)
P is for Picard family line.
Q is for Quantum Torpedoes, used in ST:FC and later films
R is for Red matter
S is for Sybok. I dare him to say "Give me your pain.' to Red Foreman. "I'll give you my foot in your ass".
T is for Torg, a Klingon officer in TSFS
U is for Undiscovered Country
V is for Vixis, Klaa's mate from ST5
W is for the warp core that Spock sacrificed himself to repair. To save the ship in TWoK.
X is for XO, i.e. Spock...or Riker.
Y is for Yominium sulfide, a compound mentioned in TVH
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