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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots! (Part 2)

So, I was near the end of the Romulan storyline, and was having trouble locating an officers command key to shut down some force fields. Turns out one of my away team was using a rifle that blew the officer from the roof and left his dead body "dangling" on an unreachable ledge.

I committed suicide by immolation to respawn and go back but he was still there. So then I had to restart the mission from the beginning.

Somebody shoots me in the back while I try to take a sword to a Cardassian.

I was trying to get a sense of scale between my Defiant class and a Mogai. I was still pretty far away in this pic, though.

Modified Galaxy, the Edward Cope. I gave it a round saucer from one of the exploration cruiser variants.

A decent chaotic battle shot while flying my Defiant mod.

And I am now flying the ugliest ship in my closet, a fleet escort mash-up called the Manticore. It looked so much better with the Reman shields that I didn't disable the visuals.

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