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Agamemnon Voyages: The God Particle

The Star Eagle Adventures Presents

Author’s Note:

Welcome to Agamemnon Voyages: The God Particle, my first novel length story since 2008’s All The Sinners, Saints (yes, it’s been that long). The God Particle is also my first attempt to branch out, following an entirely different ship and crew. And while Agamemnon has made appearances in previous stories, if you are not familiar with The Star Eagle Adventures you should still be able to comfortably follow this story. If you are interested to learn how Captain Donners got her command you may want to check out And A Star To Steer Her By right here on the TrekBBS or download the ebook Vignette Series Two: Crossing Over at

My thanks to DavidFalkayn and DarKush in particular for their assistance with their characters featured in this story as well as to my other fellow United Trek writers who worked together a couple of years ago to come up with the story on which The God Particle is based on before I brusquely lifted some of its elements for my own selfish purposes.

Comments are always appreciated even if you wish to let me know of things that didn’t work for you. I see honest feedback as the only way to continuously grow and try to improve as a writer.

I hope you enjoy.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
George Santayana

The Delta Quadrant
2264 Old Earth Calendar

Up until recently the Xenarth had seen themselves as the most technologically advanced, industrious and culturally sophisticated race in the known galaxy. Their scientific excellence unquestionable, their mighty warriors without equal, the efficiency of their immense workforce unparalleled while their artisans’ imagination was as boundless as their clerics’ dedication to the All-Mother’s will was illimitable.

In short, nothing and no one could ever threaten the Xenarth’s gods-given cultural superiority.

Until the day they met the Borg.

Within a week, their once seemingly immeasurable fleet of swarm ships had been reduced to a mere hundreds of vessels, desperate to protect their last remaining world, home of the Colony, Xenarth Prime.

The Borg invasion of their territory had been swift and merciless. And contrary to the cyborg’s ubiquitous battle cry, they had never bothered to assimilate the Xenarth, apparently not even deeming the insectoids to be a worthwhile addition to their collective.

Instead the Borg were after something infinitely more valuable to them.

* * *

Queen Quelphi looked upon the sky-high monstrosity in front of her with unmasked disgust, evidenced by her extended mandibles and crooked antenna. Like all members of the Xenarth Colony, Quelphi had evolved from the lowly insect life on her planet over millennia. She now stood nearly two meters tall, on long slender legs and a trim torso. To a foreign anthropologist, Quelphi would have been a prime example of a perfect symbiosis of a humanoid and an insectoid. While she walked upright and on two legs, her insect heritage was all too obvious thanks to her set of lower arms right underneath her longer upper limbs which brought the total number of her extremities to six. Her skull was oblong in shape with two jutting compound eyes which gave her a nearly three-hundred-sixty degree viewing angle. She relied on a set of v-shaped antennae on her head for olfactory senses and two mandibles protruding close to her mouth were sharp enough to be used as weapons.

As the reigning Warrior Queen of the Aggregate, the ruling council of the Xenarth, she despised the towering display of technological arrogance in front of her with a passion. The device stood nearly a hundred floors high, reaching far into the darkened sky and measured dozens of paces in diameter. At the very top it bulged outward like a blooming flower with sharp curves which the scholars and clerics had found pleasing.

Quelphi found nothing pleasing about the Star Portal. In fact she was convinced that all their bad fortune of late could be placed solely at the feet of this infernal device and the power source which fed its incalculable appetite.

And now it had supposedly become their only salvation.

“Another eighty swarm ships have been destroyed. At this rate, we expect that their main force will land on Prime before dawn.”

Quelphi was barley listening to Queen Arga’s report of their impending doom as she was too busy wordlessly cursing what she saw as the bringer of their undoing.

“By all accounts we have lost some sixty million colonists within the last sixty eight lirkiks. Supreme Semunstra is confident however that with the help of the Portal, we will be able to save ten to twenty million of what remains of the Colony,” continued the Worker Queen. “Ergia is convinced that it is more than enough to rebuild once we arrive. She says that the God-Queen will provide whatever we require in Xendaru.”

The Warrior Queen uttered a sharp whistling sound, a sarcastic laugh. “The God-Queen will provide. How about the millions we have lost already? Will the All-Mother provide for them as well?”

“The expired will be as reborn in Xendaru,” said Arga.

Quelphi whipped around to face the Worker Queen for the first time. “Well quoted. But do you believe it, Arga? I mean, truly believe like the clerics and their Queen? Are you as convinced that our fallen sisters and brothers will be waiting to greet us once we trigger this infernal device?”

The Worker Queen hesitated for a moment, her feelers twitched slightly, giving away her insecurity. “To say otherwise … to believe otherwise, it would be heresy.”

Quelphi uttered a subdued whistle and then stepped closer to her fellow Queen. She placed her upper arms on the smaller insectoid’s shoulders. “It’s just you and me now, Arga. The Cleric Queen is nowhere near, and neither are her one-minded disciples. You may speak your mind freely, my friend. Do you truly believe Xendaru awaits beyond the Portal?”

“I have seen the power of the Xendaru Particle up close. My workers have labored on the Star Portal for half a generation and we have suffered and sacrificed thousands in this pursuit.”

The Warrior Queen pushed her away with an angry whistle. “You have sacrificed thousands? The invaders have killed millions of my warriors.”

The Worker Queen immediately lowered her head and her antennae along with them in a deferential gesture. They may have been equals in the Aggregate chambers, but angering the Warrior Queen was not a healthy proposition. “Apologies, I meant no insult. There is no comparison to the sacrifice of your soldiers. I merely meant to say that the Xendaru Particle’s power nearly destroyed us all on many an occasion. Something so powerful, it has to have the ability to create miracles.”

“And a miracle we shall require if we are to ever lay eyes on a mystical realm known to us solely from stories and fables.”

“But if they remain true,” said Argia carefully, “we shall be at everlasting peace with the All-Mother and escape this wretched plane for good as well as these invaders. Is this not something to aspire to?”

“Younglings and fools aspire,” the Warrior Queen shot back harshly. “Deeds are what matter and the decisions we have made speak poorly of the state of the Colony. We have invited our own doom by expanding too quickly and embracing forces we barely comprehend.”

“We no longer have a choice. The Kothlis’Ka, the Bunati and many others have already taken to the stars to find homes elsewhere and escape this unstoppable plague that is sweeping the galaxy. Nothing has been able to stop them.”

“Yes,” said Quelphi and looked upon the massive Portal again. “And I think I know why. They have long since learned of the power of this so-called Xendaru Particle. What Semunstra has foolishly pursued for decades as the savior of the Colony is directly to blame for our own undoing.” She turned to the Worker Queen once more. “Listen to me well. Nothing good has ever come out of the leadership of a Scholar Queen. The Supreme is singlehandedly overseeing the downfall of our people.”

“The Colony loves her. They believe in her.”

“They believe the lies they have been fed by Semunstra and the Cleric Queen. No, to save the colony, new leadership is required.”

At that Argia gasped. “Are you suggesting to … remove Semunstra?”

Quelphi’s antennae quivered slightly. “If Semunstra is gone, Ergia the Cleric Queen would be next in line to become Supreme and her rule would potentially be even more calamitous. The Aggregate requires firmer leadership. Somebody who will once again focus the tremendous power of the Colony inwards, instead of desperately trying to reach the stars and place all their trust into cursed technology and flawed science.”

“Like a Warrior Queen?”

“Why not? Let me ask you this. If a bold move would have to be made for the good of the Colony, could I count on your support?”

The Worker Queen hesitated once more. “A change in leadership now would not be wise. The hour of the Star Portal is nearly upon us.”

Quelphi jerked her head, acceding that point. Even if there was a manner in which to rid the Colony of both the Supreme and her heir apparent, the Colony would never accept a new Supreme who’d abandon the Star Portal within hours of its first activation. “Then after.”

“If the Portal is successful in trans-phasing the Colony to Xendaru –“

The Warrior Queen interrupted her. “If it is not?”

“Then the Supreme would have failed the Colony on a scale unprecedented in our history. New leadership would be called for.”

Quelphi’s mandibles curved into something resembling a smile. A change of leadership before the ruling Supreme had passed was unheard of in the Colony ever since the beginning of the Aggregate hundreds of years ago. But then again the Colony had never been faced with extinction before.

* * *

The Borg quickly decimated the remaining swarm ships protecting Xenarth Prime and the massive cubes surrounded the planet in order to prepare for the final strike against its people. But the few million Xenarth who remained on the surface were no longer afraid of impending death. Instead they huddled together at every corner of their world, preparing themselves for their final journey towards ultimate salvation. Most were convinced that just in a matter of minutes, each and everyone of them would come face-to-face with their god.

Teetering at the cusp of total annihilation, Xenarth Prime had been gripped by blissful euphoria.

At the base of the Star Portal only the five members of the Aggregate remained, while the workers and scholars responsible for initiating its awesome power were watching from a control room afar.

Semunstra, the Scholar Queen and current Supreme, and the person most responsible for pushing the Colony towards the research of the Xendaru Particle which in turn had made the Star Portal possible, turned to her fellow queens. “The moment is upon us,” she said reverently. “Shortly we will be leaving this plane behind and step into the future of our Colony.”

Quelphi was anything but reverent. “I will say it one more time. This is a waste of our time and resources. We should attempt to unleash the power of the Xendaru Particle against the invaders who as we speak are preparing to lay waste to all we have sweat and died for to build.”

“Your objections have become repetitive and tiresome,” said Cleric Queen Eriga sharply. “You would do well to remember the Supremes’ decree and behave accordingly.”

“And what if I do not?” she challenged.

The Cleric Queen’s mandibles twitched angrily. She knew that there was little she could do about Quelphi’s defiance. Members of the Aggregate were above reproach in most cases and even the Supreme could not relieve a fellow Queen of her title unless in extenuating circumstances. Those were the ways of the Aggregate and had been for centuries.

“The hour for talk and deliberation has passed. We must now embrace the will of the All-Mother.”

“Do as you must,” said the Warrior Queen with dramatic flair. “I want my opposition to this noted. Once again.”

“And once again, it has been noted,” said Selphi, the Artisan Queen, who had always taken great care to try and reconcile the differences between the Warrior Queen and the Cleric and Scholar Queens. Mostly in vain. “Right or wrong, we must all agree that it is no longer feasible to explore any alternative to attempt to save the Colony.”

“Oh my dear Selphi, you have such a gift for understating the obvious, it borders on cowardice. And you conveniently leave out how you and all of us had many such opportunities but we chose instead to ignore them all and put our entire faith into a power we barely even understand. Mark my words, all of you, this will not lead us to salvation and when the inevitable comes to pass, I hope you will recall my warnings.”

“You have spoken your piece, Warrior Queen. Now temper yourself so that we may commence the ceremony,” said the Supreme and promptly deferred to the Cleric Queen. “Ergia, it has been your tireless effort that has brought us to this moment of reunification with the God-Queen. Will you not do us the honor of taking the first step?”

Ergia nodded eagerly. “It would be honored,” she said and then stepped closer to the towering Star Portal. She turned to look at the rest of the Aggregate and then rose all four of her arms high into the air, the signal to begin.

The Portal behind her rumbled as it began to power up, collecting energy directly from the subterranean generators which had been designed to synthesize and harvest the tremendous power of the Xendaru Particle.

The Portal erupted with light, turning night into day and blinding everyone within a thousand miles. Moments later the amassed energy exploded outwards to create an energy field that within seconds enveloped the entire surface of Xenarth Prime.

The Cleric Queen felt her entire body vibrate as the field washed over her and she cried out in blissful joy:

“The All-Mother awaits.”

Darkness more complete than a starless night followed.

* * *
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