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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Ok, first thing you should do is change the power preset.
By your discription you have the starter balanced power setting which is crap without spending a lot if skill points inter power output.
Put weapons power to max.
There is a manual way to set it but for starters use the attack preset.
That alone should make your weapons worthwhile for now.

The you most likely have two beam arrays and a torpedo in front.
What you need to do is broadside the target. Beam arrays have overlaying firing arcs, so you can double your energy damage.
Use torpedos mainly to shoot the target when it's shield facing is gone.
Against s bare hull the torpedos do a lot more damage than beams while being near useless against shields.
That's the reason you shouldn't run pure torpedo boats because you can't get the shields down with them.

Get back to us when you need more advice.

Abd make sure to let us now your name@handle to invite you to the fleet.
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