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Of the main characters seen here, who is the only one to have never had both their birth parents mentioned or shown by name, on screen?

The correct answer is Worf, who had his birth father, Mogh mentioned many times, but whose birth mother was never mentioned nor shown by name

All TNG principle characters who've ever had parents mentioned by name

Jean-Luc Picard - Father Maurice, Mother Yvette
Will Riker - Father Kyle, Mother Betty
Deanna Troi - Mother Lwaxana, Father Ian Andrew (AKA Alex)
Geordi La Forge - Mother Silva, Father Edward M.
Beverly Crusher - Father Paul Howard, Mother Isabel Howard
Wesley Crusher, Father Jack, Mother Beverly
Ro Laren - Father Ro Gale, Mother Ro Talia
Data - Noonien & Julianna Soong (Creator & guardians) birthed from the genius of a man, as it were
I propose a new rule for this thread:

When a question is answered, a new question cannot be asked until the one who asked the question confirms the correct answer and the first person who answered correctly. The first person to answer correctly then may ask the new question.

If the person who answered the question does not confirm the correct answer with 24 hours, anyone may ask a new question.

Yes, it'll slow down the thread, but it's not going at warp speed anyway.
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