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Re: It's time for '25th Anniversary' and 'Judgment Rites' to come to i

For one thing if they wanted to re-release a game they (presumably CBS or Paramount or whoever currently owns the video game licence) would have to deal with whoever originaly created/published them, including I believe Atari (who I believe inherited everything Microprose/Hasbro Interactive made), Interplay (who seem to be just barely existing at this point) and Activision, who considering they rather abruptly cut their ties with Star Trek would probably have little interest.

Borg/Klingon could probably be made into DVDs quite easily, as they were essentialy movies with branching paths at certain points. In fact they would be better than the original games were, having better quality footage instead of heavily compressed 90s QuickTime video.

They really should do something with 25th Anniversary/Judgement Rites/A Final Unity though considering that that the adventure/point and click game seems to have come back into fashion in recent years.

That guy's work is quite impressive and I hope he gets it done some day.
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