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Re: Voyager: An Alternate Journey 02: Voyager Tales

Part 2
“This is the Federation starship Voyager requesting docking clearance,” Janeway said.

“Voyager, this is Kalio Station Control, proceed to dock 77,” came the reply.

“Thank you,” Janeway said.

“We have received the coordinates,” Paris said.

“Proceed,” Janeway said.

“Aye, Captain.”

Voyager approached the station and docked at dock 77 with the forward airlock connected to the station’s airlock.

“We’re receiving a data package from the Station, Captain,” Tuvok said.

“Upload it, Commander,” Janeway said.

“Aye, Captain,” Tuvok said. He loaded the file onto his station, and opened it. “It’s a list of rules and regulations, Captain.”

“I see,” the Captain said.

“There’s nothing here to be concerned about. It’s merely a listing of illegal activities and punishments for them. The crew would not be tripped up.”

“Good to know,” Chakotay said.

Station Control to Voyager, how long do you wish to stay?”

“Uncertain at this time, at least two days,” Janeway said.

Two days, for a preliminary period?

“Yes, we can negotiate the real length of our stay later.”

Confirmed, Voyager, enjoy your stay.”

“Thank you,” Janeway said.

“The channel has been cut,” Tuvok said.

“Two days?” Chakotay asked.

“That should give us time to learn about the region ahead,” Janeway replied.

“Aye, Captain.”

“Notify the crew. Shore Leave is available for all off duty personnel,” Janeway said.

“Aye, Captain.” Chakotay said.

“Post the rules and regulations document to the network, Tuvok.”

“Aye, Captain.”

Kathleen, Daniel and Katelyn exited Voyager onto the station that the ship had docked at. “Look, a directory.” Katelyn approached it.

“Wow, this place is huge!” Kathleen said.

“Yes, it’s over ten kilometres long. The central core has over 500 decks!” Daniel said as he looked at the directory.

“So, where do we go first?” Katelyn asked.

“The main marketplace; we would be able to find out about the region that we are going into there,” Kathleen said.

“It would also be crowded,” Daniel said, slightly timidly.

“Don’t worry, just stay close to us,” Kathleen said.

“I’ll try,” Daniel said.

“Let’s go,” Katelyn said.

“Sure,” Daniel said. ‘I guess if I get lost, Voyager could beam me back.’ He hoped that it wouldn’t come to that though. He followed Katelyn and Kathleen as they left the area of the docking port.

Janeway and Chakotay exited the turbolift into the Station Control Centre. It was a large bustling place. They were met by a young humanoid female. “You are the Captain of the Voyager, correct?” she asked.

“Yes,” Janeway answered.

“And you’re the second in command?”


“Follow me, the Commander is in her office.”

“The commander cannot meet every captain personally,” Janeway stated.

“She’s the second in command. She has other responsibilities, but she tries,” the assistant said.

“I see,” Chakotay said.

Half a minute later, they entered the Commander’s office. “The commanding officer’s of the Voyager, Ma’am,” the assistant said by way of introduction.

“Thank you, you can go now,” the commander said.

“Thank you, Ma’am.” The assistant said as she left.

“According to the preliminary scan, Voyager is a military vessel,” the Commander said, all business.

“Actually, it’s an exploratory vessel,” Janeway objected.

“The operating agency is part of your polity’s government, correct?’

“Yes, but Starfleet’s purpose is exploration and research.”

“I don’t buy that,” the station commander said.

“She’s right, Captain. Starfleet also defends the Federation,” Chakotay said.


“Especially now,” Chakotay said.

Janeway remembered the EMH mentioning a War against the Dominion after his recent trip to the Alpha Quadrant through that relay system. She turned to the Station Commander. “I concede that Voyager also has a defensive purpose.”

“So it is Military.”

“If you must be pedantic about it,” Janeway said.

“Right, you are Military. What is your mission?”

“We are lost on the other side of the Galaxy from home. We are trying to get back,” Janeway said.

“Oh,” the Commander said in surprise.

“If we have a mission, it is one of peaceful exploration,” Janeway said, ignoring the thoughtful look on Chakotay’s face.

“Of course, so you would be willing to trade Star Charts of your home regions?”

“If you allow us to stay as long as we want, you can have all the star charts you want.”

“Deal, Captain,” the station commander said.

“Good,” Janeway said, relaxing.

“So you said you are going to stay a minimum of two days?”


“So you are going to stay that long?”

“No, possibly five days, but two at a minimum,” Janeway said.

“I see,” the commander said.

“Five?” Chakotay asked.

“We may need the extra time,” Janeway explained.

“If you provide the starcharts within two hours you could stay at the station for those nine days, if you wish,” the commander said.

“I’ll be back with the files within an hour,” Janeway said.

“Welcome to the League,” the Commander said.

“The League?”

“This station is at the border of, and run by, the League of Associated States, the largest polity in known space.”

“I see,” Janeway said.

“Perhaps would get more information on the League,” Chakotay suggested.

“The information is freely available in the Station’s network, just ask the computer at a terminal,” the commander said.

“Noted,” Chakotay said.

“And now I have more interviews to conduct, three ships have arrived after your arrival.”

“We’ll leave you to it,” Janeway said as she left the office.

Janeway and Chakotay passed two of the other ship captains as they left the Commander’s office.

On Deck 25 of the Station, Daniel, Katelyn and Kathleen were drinking in a small ‘Coffee emporium.’ “It appears that no matter where we are, that there is some kind of ‘Coffee,’ Kathleen commented.

“That’s true, almost everywhere in the Alpha Quadrant, and here in the Delta Quadrant too,” Katelyn said. “Except the Cardassians, they have hot fish juice. You should try a raktajino when we get back to Voyager.

“Raktajino?” Daniel asked.

“Klingon Coffee,” Katelyn said with a smile.

“Pass,” Daniel said.

“It’s actually quite good,” Katelyn said.

“If it has any ingredients like that gagh,” Daniel shook his head. “No way!”

“No, nothing like gagh,” Katelyn said with a straight face.

Gagh?” Kathleen asked.

“Vermicular life forms that the Klingons eat live,” Daniel said with a shudder.

“Oh!” Kathleen said. ‘I wouldn’t eat it either,;’ she thought.

“So, you would try a raktajino?” Katelyn asked.

“Sure,” Daniel said.

“So, what do you think of the League,” Kathleen said.

“More complex than the Federation is, it seems that the members have more autonomy,” Daniel said.

“Actually, it seems that they have varying levels of autonomy,” Katelyn said as she read from her PADD to which she had downloaded the information.

“Closer to Russia than Switzerland then,” Daniel said.

“I guess so,” Kathleen said.

An hour and ten minutes later, Janeway returned to the Commander’s office, carrying a PADD containing star charts of the Alpha Quadrant, the regions close to the Gamma terminus of the Bajoran Wormhole, the region’s that Voyager had traversed since leaving the Ocampa System and the location of the Ixazeroan Homeworld. She had also wanted to include regions known to the Borg and to Neelix, but Seven wasn’t cooperative and Neelix was somewhere on the station and busy in some transaction or other.
The same assistant from earlier pressed the intercom panel next to the door. “Captain Janeway of Voyager to see you, Ma’am.”

Send her in,” the Commander said.

“You can go in,” the assistant said.

“Thank you,” Janeway said.

Janeway entered the office. The commander looked more tired than before. “Don’t worry about me,” she said when she noticed Janeway’s look.

“OK,” Janeway said.

“So, you have the starcharts?”

“Yes,” Janeway said.

The commander gestured to the desktop unit on her desk. “I’m ready to receive.”

Janeway set the PADD to upload the starchart data to the commander’s computer. The starcharts were uploaded in less than 5 seconds. “Done,” she said.

“Oh, you weren’t kidding about being from the other side of the galaxy,” the commander said.

“We still have decades of travel time left.”

“I see,” the commander said.

“Could you tell me about what we can expect about the route ahead; in the direction of that point indicated?” Janeway said. She uploaded Voyager’s planned route, around the nebula ahead and towards the Ixazeroan Homeworld.

“Uh-oh,” the Commander said.

“Uh, oh?” Janeway repeated.

“The first 34 light years are in League space, so that is safe. However, after that, it’s Kalanari space. The Kalanari are xenophobes, it is unlikely that they would allow you passage.”

“We have crossed xenophobes’ space before.”

“The Kalanari have well armed warships, they are quite ready and eager to defend their borders.”

“Upload their borders,” Janeway asked, gesturing with the PADD.


The borders were uploaded to Janeway’s PADD. “I see that their space extends another 21 light years and then it’s more League space,” she said.

“Yes,” the commander said.

“Going around will add ten weeks to our journey.”

“That’s not long, considering,” the commander said.

“True,” Janeway said. She then examined the borders of the Kalanari polity with the League. She quickly found another option. “There is a region where the Kalanari space only extends 10 light years across. Crossing there will only add five additional weeks to our journey as opposed to the ten,” she said.

“The Kalanari still won’t like it. Their relations with the League are tense at the best of times,” the commander said.

“I guess so, given that you surround them on most sides.”


“If nothing else, I need to return to Voyager and discuss this development with my officers,” Janeway said.

“By all means,” the commander said.

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