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Re: Holy ....! Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover coming From IDW!

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This was just posted on IDW's Facebook Page

IDW's Facebook Page wrote:
Cat's out of the bag! Star Trek-Doctor Who #3 will feature a flashback story starring Capt. Kirk & crew and the Fourth Doctor!
Interesting, so that would mean the Doctor has made at least two trips to the Trek-verse.

So will this tie into the Assimilation-Squared arc, or just be a one-off story?

There is precedent for one-offs of this style. A few years back IDW did a Star Trek series detailing how Kirk gained command of the Enterprise in the Mirror Universe, but they took a break from that story in one issue to have a completely unrelated story about MU Picard fighting Cardassians while commanding the Stargazer. The graphic novel compilation even includes the Picard story right in the middle the Kirk one.
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