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My first voyage with Voyager

I am new to Trek BBS. Actually, I am fairly new to TV and movies in general (despite the fact that I am nearly 30). I never grew up watching TV or movies and my pop culture knowledge is atrocious. My husband decided that he was going to acculturate me starting with Star Trek. I have watched DS9 and TNG. However, since it was my first introduction to Star Trek I feel like I missed a lot of the humor in DS9 and intend to re-watch both DS9 and TNG once I finish the other series. For my first thread, I am going to make a post about each episode that I watch in Voyager. This is my first time viewing Voyager so please feel free to fill me in on any back-stories or information that I am missing.

Here it goes: “Caretaker”

The Star Wars-esque written introduction had me a little worried at first. The opening battle scene was a bit confusing to follow, but it made sense once I understood who was who. Janeway’s first appearance was disappointing and gave a weak first impression for the Captain. Her angry-mother-hands-on-the-hips speech to Tom Paris was dull and poorly delivered in monotone. Paris, on the other hand, was arrogant and therefore intriguing. I look forward to his cocky arrogance. When I saw Quark I beamed. He was easily in my top three characters on DS9 (with Garak and Odo). Unfortunately, my husband promptly informed me that it was only a guest appearance… sad.

The whole alien probe and Harry Kim’s alien abduction was too cliché for me. I was also a little confused at first when the crew was beamed to the holographic farm house scene, but I cracked up when the slutty-farmer’s daughter tried to stop the crew from entering the barn. Did the Caretaker know Paris had been shut up in prison for a while

Neelix was great. His voice and mannerisms reminded me of Vassini in the Princess Bride and I wasn’t sure if he was going to be a failed villain or the comedic relief of the show; I am guessing comedic relief. I loved the scene where Neelix hugs Tuvok and Tuvok suggests that he take a bath! Oh, and I know Harry Kim is being held captive, but he whines a lot. Please tell me this eventually stops!

I like the premise that the Caretaker’s people ruined the planet because of their superior technology (this seems like it was a theme in TNG too: don’t share technology), but if they had superior technology couldn’t they have found a permanent fix to restoring the planet before the two people they left behind died? It seems like the Caretakers were trying to take responsibility for their actions, but failed miserably in the execution. I suppose something like this had to happen in order to set up the premise that the Voyager had to nobly destroy the Array in order to save the Ocampa, while selflessly abandoning themselves 75-odd years away from home.

When Janeway made Paris a full member of the crew he made the comment that for the first time in his life he didn’t know what to say; I highly doubt that. I have a feeling that Paris will always have a cocky retort.

Oh, and I wonder if Mike Tyson stole his face-tattoo from Chakotay.

Favorite part: Quark’s appearance. I was so excited when I so him, but my husband quickly warned me that he was only a guest character in Voyager, and not a permanent one… I do love how he tried to bully Harry Kim into buying the whole tray of gems.

Least favorite part: Janeway’s first appearance seemed a little stuffy. Her first lines are delivered in a monotone voice with her hands on her hips. I am not sure this was the best first impression of a captain. However, they did have a slightly warmer moment with her when she was video-chatting with her (lover?) about her pregnant dog.
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