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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Who is that with Spider-Man Young?

Looks like Captain Marvel.

But which one?

Well, read it.

took a minute and half.

Huge Art.

Every Page was a double page

And then there there's a fleck of a sprinkle of words on them.

If this was a real comic, it would fold out to be the size of a news paper.

Which would be a nice effect.

but this thing is %100 online right?

The First Barry Ween comic, I read YEARS ago...

"Barry, Barry! there's a glowing space vagina in your basement"

Which is what I have come to to think of errodecent time space apertures since then.

but truthfully?

Did that glowing space vagina remind you more of the glowing space vagina in Star trek generations or the glowing space vagina from the the first Fantastic Four movie WHICH ALSO COLLIDED WITH A SPACE STATION!

Unless this bugger comes out weekly it gets a fail.
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