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Re: Voyager Fanfics, Creations, and Favorite Videos

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I thought Tom's perspective was amazing and exactly what would have happened in those circumstances.

There was something missing in that episode and I think that what you wrote was just what that episode needed!

Very well done.
Thank you so very much I always thought when Janeway asks Harry about Tom's condition that we never got to see what happened to him or Tuvok. I may do a fic with Tuvok as well for "Course: Oblivion" to explore the Tuvok/Janeway friendship.

I will have to see about that Garak story... I need to probably read some more Garak fanfic to soak up the ambience of Garak into my creative process.
Always a good plan. It's like what I do if I'm writing for a spceific episode: I go back and re-watch it for any details that could play into my idea.

Best of luck to you with the fic!
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