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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

The pictures all look great (though he seems to be cosplaying as Sherlock in that last one). I certainly hope he does a few more, though hopefully they'll know he's leaving far enough in advance to give him a better send off than all (bar the obvious one film wonder) predcesors had. None of them really went out at their best, even if you don't count Never Say Never Again.

My Big Bond Rewatch actually reached A View To A Kill today, and whilst the great cast and top notch score means I find it huge fun, it's objectively more than a bit rubbish. Sutton is a strong contender for worst Bond girl ever (she should have a "JAAAAAAAAAAMEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!" off with Mary Goodnight), the "Disused silver mine" is clearly in Britain, many of the stunts are fairly pedestrian and Roger Moore, God bless him, despite doing better than his opinion of the film would suggest still looks... odd. And he deserved better last words than "That's not the soap. Ah, oh, ah".
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