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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

^ At least your lot bothered to name their new stadium - the 'Cardiff City Stadium' anyone!?

Roger Wilco wrote: View Post
Wouldn't you rather see them go up than the rival you really hate? That's how I would feel about it anyway in this situation.
Having seen my most hated rival get promoted last season - not to mention becoming Premier League media darlings as a result - makes me disagree with this entirely. Most-hated rivals should suffer and suffer a lot. To think, Swansea were 90 minutes away from dropping out of the entire league system 10 years. Happy times. I'll settle for them being beaten every week in the PL for now, just a shame they're safe from relegation now. And administration, which they used to clear their heavy debts...twice.

So who are Leicester's proper rivals? Do they even have any?
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