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I enjoyed it. And I couldn't disagree more about Whedon's direction, I thought the way it was done was perfect. The way Tony is acting gives me the impression that it isn't meant to be some big tense confrontation, they're just having a conversation. And I really couldn't give a crap about how something is lit, as long as I can see what's going on I'm happy.
Agreed. I don't get the sense this is supposed to be any kind of incredibly intense standoff or anything. It's probably just Loki going around and assessing the strengths of the individual Avengers early on.

And plus, Loki never struck me in the previous movie as being all that scary or threatening anyway. He was just the wimpy, weasely kid brother who liked to strut around and pretend he was a badass. Not sure if that's how he's portrayed in the comics, but that's certainly what came through on screen.

And this movie appears to be treating him the same way, which seems perfectly consistent. Of course Tony's not going to be intimidated by a guy like that.
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