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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

Tora Ziyal wrote: View Post
Food. And a couple Easter-ish things on sale for 70% off.

Holdfast wrote: View Post
For some reason, I've been hankering for fast food these past couple of days. Must be the pink slime thread, making me hungry. Anyway, I bought a Whopper for lunch yesterday, and a Quarter-Pounder with Cheese today. I think I've satisfied the craving for now. At least, my heart is now whimpering quietly in a corner. That's the same thing, right?
I have to admit, the mental image of you sitting there in your elegant clothes, eating that crap, is quite disturbing.
Well, both the clothes and the occasional fast food lunch are treats, so they are complementary in a way. And helpfully, total burger intake is limited by the clothes, as too many burgers and the clothes won't fit. It's a gastro-sartorial homeostatic negative feedback loop...
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