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Re: It's time for '25th Anniversary' and 'Judgment Rites' to come to i

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I wouldn't be suprised if there's a ton of red tape preventing re-releases of ANY Star Trek game.
My God I hope not - but saying that none have been reissues - but that is the gaming industry - its about new technology.

The thing is these and most other Trek games are full-length storylines featuring members of the TV casts back in their roles. Klingon and Borg would have been great as interactive DVD features -- they were filmed on the Paramount lot using the official costumes/sets.

As for these two games, the rights would now be with whoever bought Interplay, and anything would have to go through CBS

Like I said in the SOVF thread, even if they took the audio and created new animated episodes, then that would be cool! The old gang back together.

This German guy is remaking A Final Unity as a 100min feature film - he'as recreating the CGI exteriors, and have a look at what he's doing for the character shots:

He's restarted in HD, but if it can be pulled off technically it will be amazing.
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