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Re: Cast actors for AVENGERS II

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The Wasp: Catherine Bell
Who's 43 years old. I imagine Jan as being younger than that (at least, assuming her characterization in the animated series is typical).

The Scarlet Witch: Kim Kardashian. Armenian, gypsy, same difference.
Well, there is a significant difference between the two ethnic groups (and "Gypsy" is an incorrect and often derogatory label for the Romani people), but I'll concede that actors are often cast as characters of different ethnicities. So the important question is, can she actually act? Surely there must be better choices.

Ms. Marvel: Brooklyn Decker. Just because.
Conversely, at 25 she seems too young to play an Air Force major. Carol Danvers is pretty much the most prominent solo female hero in the Marvel Universe these days, and she's not a role to be cast just for looks and sex appeal. The Fantastic Four movies made that mistake with Jessica Alba. For a character like Carol, you need to cast an actress with maturity, presence, and strength, someone who's been around the block a few times.

and, just for laughs, the live-action Jarvis the butler: is the guy who played Higgens on Magnum PI still around?
John Hillerman is alive but retired from acting in 2009.

And as someone already mentioned, in the movieverse, JARVIS is an AI voiced by Paul Bettany. Apparently they fused the character with the various AI assistants Tony has used in the comics over the years.
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