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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Last nights reads

Avenging Spider-man #6 - I thought that as far as setups go this was as engaging, informative and dare I say fun as any I've read in awhile. It was also the best issue of this title since the opener with Red Hulk imo. The writing here only confirms for me what I already knew, anytime you have Punisher, Daredevil and Spiderman together it's more times than not fun if not awesome(remaining 2 chapters to be determined).
I've been saying on this board how Rucka's Punisher was a great read. Seems that with Cole having significant time in this issue some are taking notice. Rucka's setup was way better than say...Justice League which some stuck with. Now the pay off with Cole is happening and I'm curious to see where that leads after the Omega arc(assuming she isn't killed of course). Also, no she and Punisher are not 'doing it'. She insists on going by Cole, not Alvarez, as a show of love/dedication to the husband she had for all of an hour. Also, it's why she's gotten involved as an acolyte of Frank for those wanting to know. She is an ex-Marine, ex-cop who in the opening arc of Rucka's Punisher is more often referred to as 'The Bride'. She wants revenge on "The Exchange" the new criminal organization that seems to have put the hit on her wedding day. If you notice Frank uses more military terms in just this issue such as "Form on Me" for example. They are acting like a two man elite assault team now. Go pick up the TPB of Rucka's Punisher, it's good!

Scarlet Spider #4 - A good read that fully establishes the Assassins Guild as being a big player for the book. Kaine also makes the proverbial "deal with the devil" in this issue to buy some time. The 'devil' being the head of the Guild. I'm really curious about the tween, Aracyle(sp), that Kaine saved from being killed. She appears to at the least be a type of savant the way she is picking up languages. I'm going to have to make a choice on this book...or not since Moon Knight is being cancelled and GR just ended but we'll see. Money crunch is an issue yet again
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