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Re: The National Rugby League Thread of 2012

The Raiders were in the game for about 10 mins. The loss of Campo in the 1st half didn't help, but they had lost the game by then. With such a short turnaround (an example of how the TV rights can disadvantage teams) they needed to go into the second half with a decent lead so 20 - 6 down meant it was never going to happen and in the 2nd half the Raiders never looked in it at all so the fact the Broncos only put on 10 points is a miracle...though that was more to do with some poor finishing by the Broncos, they could have put 50+ on if passes stuck/handling slightly better.

I hope Harrigan gives the refs of this game a serve, they were quite poor. None of them seemed to know what a forward pass was. They let both sides get away with too much and for some reason didn't put a Raider player on report for a clearly dangerous tackle. The refs didn't impact who won, but that doesn't mean they did a great job.

Something has to be down with the left edge defence of the Raiders. Croker is continuing to show he is quite weak in defence and the Raiders need to do something about it. With inexperience outside him and now inside him with Williams coming in the problem isn't going to get better.

Word is that Campo's injury isn't an ACL tear...if it is the Raiders certainly aren't going to threaten the top 8. My dream of a season not heavily marred by injury has completely gone now and I any slim hope I had of a top 8 finish has now really gone.
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