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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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So, M's got a porcelain bulldog on her desk.
Wrapped in a Union flag by the looks of it!

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^While I haven't been able to find anything indicating whether or not he agreed to it, there were the reports from December that Craig was offered a contract extension for 5 more Bond films after Skyfall.
And on the BBC last month, though he started off saying he knows there'll be a Bond after him and a Bond after that, and that he wants to make his mark on the series with this one, he will "keep playing Bond until they tell him to stop"

I think he'll do at least one more, to equal Pierce's run, and I'd like to see him go one beyond that
Yeah I'd like to see him do 4 or 5, I think that's a good number, 4 would match Pierce and he deserves that, and 5 would match Connery's original run too.

I still can't figure out if he actually enjoys playing Bond or not He certainly doesn't have that twinkle in his eye that Brosnan had, the "Fuck me I'm James Bond!" look (David Tennant had it too, well the Who variant) but it can't be about the money anymore.

Saw something the other day to suggest there'd be a few more one liners in this...
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