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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

One of the results that I kind of had to laugh at was the who was reading the New 52. So only five percent are new fans? Did I read that right? Wasn't one of big things that DC kept harping on why they did was to draw in NEW fans? They could only get five percent?Unless I misread that result. If I was DC and got that figure back after saying all that rhetoric months on end I'd be pretty upset. It also partly says to me that this was nothing more than attempt at a sales spike and to dominate the charts as well which they've done successfully for a few months. Everything is going to balance out pretty soon as I've stated many times.

Superboy #8: This was going okay until now...truly not interested at all in this Culling story arc. Gen 13 fans should be pleased with this issue as both Grunge and Caitlin are in this issue. Superboy fights Grunge in most of the issue. I've been patient for something to happen in this book with the NoWhere arc but have become impatient and am dropping this.
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