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Most of the Loki VS Stark banter intact
I've watched that scene three times, and I've been trying to find a way to formulate what I don't like about it, and I think the best way to put it is: There's no tension. Seriously, there's no tension at all, considering that it's a middle-aged mortal man talking smack to a literal genius, mastermind demigod. It's shot like a pleasant chat between two acquaintances. (And, my God, I don't think the cinematography could be any more lifeless. This scene was lit just as brightly as the forest scene we've seen in the trailers, which was lit just as brightly as the scenes on the Helicarrier that we've seen.)

Hiddleston and Downey, Jr., are clearly trying their damnedest despite how woefully under-directed the whole scene is and how hokey the dialogue is (that whole scene feels like it was written just to be put into a trailer and commercials -- "you can be damn sure we'll AVENGE IT ), but, fuck.
I enjoyed it. And I couldn't disagree more about Whedon's direction, I thought the way it was done was perfect. The way Tony is acting gives me the impression that it isn't meant to be some big tense confrontation, they're just having a conversation. And I really couldn't give a crap about how something is lit, as long as I can see what's going on I'm happy.
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