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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

On the flip side, some mostly good (and some not so good) STF changes are coming soon.

Cryptic_Gozer wrote:
Hi Folks,

Just wanted to drop in and give you info on a STF update that "should" be in next weeks (04/20/12) patch to Holodeck.

All STFs -

Drop rate for Mark XII Borg Tech has been slightly increased for Elite difficulty.

A new Death / Re-spawn timer has been added to all ground and space STFs on both difficulty settings (Normal / Elite) - More information on how this works below.

KA Ground (Normal / Elite) -

Players must defeat the Borg in the upper level of the facility before they can proceed into the lower portion of the base. This means players can no longer run past and or totally ignore the Borg in the upper levels of the base.

The optional objective timer will now start as soon as players leave the first room (the one you spawn into).
(Boo! Better complete your KA optionals before the changes go live!)

New Re-spawn Mechanic -

Currently in the game when a player is defeated the "Re-Spawn" button appears after 15 seconds. This happens every 15 seconds no matter how many time a player dies on any given map / mission.

After the next patch the re-spawn mechanic on STFs (and only on STFs at the moment) will work a little differently.

Every time a player dies and re-spawns on a STF the time for the "Re-Spawn" button to appear will get a little longer. This timer starts at 15 seconds and increments an additional 15 seconds each time a player dies and uses the button to re-spawn. The re-spawn timer will keep going up until the cap is reached. The cap is 120 seconds (2 full min).

On ground STFs dead players can still be revived by other team members (assuming they are still alive of course) and bypass the new timer.

There is also an attrition timer that will reset the built up extra re-spawn time on the player if the player goes 5 min without a defeat / re-spawn.

Let me give you an example...

I die the first time - 15 sec before I can re-spawn
I die again (in less than 5 min from the last death) - 30 sec before I can re-spawn
I die again (in less than 5 min from the last death) - 45 sec before I can re-spawn

I think you see where this is going... all the way up to 120 seconds.

However if at any point the time between deaths exceeds 5 min, the reset timer is set back down to the default 15 seconds, and the stacking is reset.

Overall, the respawn timer change looks like it is a good change. Yes it ups the difficulty of STFs and pug groups are going to suffer. Escorts with strong weapons and flimsy shields/hulls will be a thing of the past. Maybe people will start valuing healing/repairing abilities instead of demanding only tactical escorts with lots of dps for CSE.

Maybe, just maybe, my science officer can go back to the Recon Science Vessel instead of being forced to command a Prometheus.
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