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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

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How do you know the motivation would be pettiness? As they say, we can't even comprehend things beyond the singularity.

I was pretty doubtful about the future of humanity as we know it in the advance of machine AI after the mid-90s (Minsky), but it's been mitigated by the fact that there is a chance that human AI would replace the machine centered AI...while it's true I can't predict the outcome, I'd speculate that the pre-singluarty exponential growth of transhuman type tech might somehow transform human thinking into something more long-view and complex. This could carry over into the post-singularity AI infoscape. Might there be an "Artilect" war? Sure. Let's hope not.

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I tend to agree. the "singularity" in my opinion is happening all the time. For people from the 1700's it happened almost a hundred years ago.
There's a distinction to be made, exponential growth has indeed been happening even longer than Moore's and other related laws, but the Singularity is a whole other animal.

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1. Biotech... [...]
2. AI... [...]
3. Clean power technologies [...]
4. Portable and integrated computer technology/gadgets everywhere [...]
5. Nanotechnology [...]
Only Earth-centred technologies then, and with absolutely nothing revolutionary?
Sadly that seems to be the direction humanity is heading. Nobody cares about space, or expanding our horizons anymore. Society is turning inward, and all most people care about is more cable channels, and shinier,faster handheld gadgets and tech toys.
Or...the long-view (long-view for humans at least, in terms of our historical time, if we become a spacefaring race, even 50-100 years from now--a mere 100-150 years after man ventured into space--is a tiny a fraction of the human technological age, and a tinier fraction still of modern man) I pointed out would lead to a literal saturation of the galaxy.

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