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Re: Cast actors for AVENGERS II

Ant-Man/Giant-Man/Goliath/Yellowjacket: Brad Pitt. Blonde and good looking but sort of creepy when need be.
The Wasp: Catherine Bell
The Vision: Zachary Quinto. He's always been the Spock of the team
The Scarlet Witch: Kim Kardashian. Armenian, gypsy, same difference.
Wonder Man: Brandon Routh.
The Swordsman: Cary Elwes.
Mantis: Maggie q
Captain Marvel II (female, 1980s): beyonce. Get the Tweens.
Ms. Marvel: Brooklyn Decker. Just because.
The Falcon: will smith.
Hercules: gerald Butler but playing him like Brian Blessed.
The Black Knight: Daniel Craig.
The She-Hulk: CGI. voice of Aisha Tyler
Rage: rage? You're seriously asking about Rage? He's the Vibe of Marvel. Pass.
The Black Panther: Denzel.
Quicksilver: Orlando Bloom
Crystal: Emma Stone
Rick Jones: Zachary Efron
Starfox: Roman Polanski, for all the rape action.
and, just for laughs, the live-action Jarvis the butler: is the guy who played Higgens on Magnum PI still around?
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