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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

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1. Biotech... [...]
2. AI... [...]
3. Clean power technologies [...]
4. Portable and integrated computer technology/gadgets everywhere [...]
5. Nanotechnology [...]
Only Earth-centred technologies then, and with absolutely nothing revolutionary?
Space technologies could come later, let's assume we do reach a singularity, then a natural progression would be to spread smart matter through the galaxy. Nanotech spacecraft, starseed robots would be child's play by then. In the near term, space based lasers transmitting power would transform the earth.

Nanotech is pretty revolutionary. Despite it's current growth, it won't be a change overnight, it'll only be in that 15-20 year range when we start seeing what it can really do.

If you look at my top 5, they all connect in some way, which I note at the end of the entry, making them more than individual advancements but a sum of the parts...human biotech improving humans-->AI providing the "brain", or expansion/extension of knowledge and info storage-->nanotech providing the "body"...this could mean foglet bodies or some extension of machine tech--->clean, nearly limitless power generation to run it all.

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