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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

For a short time recently many Walmarts across the country were marking down most or even all of their SW Vintage Collection figures to just $4.00 each, and for some lucky collectors that included all five figures in the brand-new Deleted Scenes wave. The $4 sale wasn't universal by a longshot but I'd say that most Wally Worlds in the U.S. sold the figures for that price. There were even examples of the Walmart-exclusive 2012 Dewback lizard going for only $3.00 at at least one store! A guy posted a photo on one of the collecting sites showing the six or seven Dewbacks he purchased for barely twenty bucks(the original retail price for those was $29.96 each).

If your timing is great you can still find amazing deals on toys and collectibles that will remind of you of the good old days, but those opportunities are getting rarer as time passes and stores try to pad their profit margins however and wherever they can.
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