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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I agree (Feels dirty )

At the VERY least, would be nice if it was guaranteed that the items in the lock boxes were at least worth the CP it costs to open them. If the math is a 0.25% chance at a ultra-rare ship, and a 95% chance to get something both common and crappier than the gear you already have, no incentive to buy these things. Keys are about 10x as much as they should cost, especially given the crap in most of them. They got a LITTLE smarter by putting guaranteed crystals in them, but then blew it by making the trade-in rate for those so high that it works out to costing a couple hundred dollars for a shuttle if you add up the costs without paying attention...

For LTS, you should either get a reusable master key, or at least a few keys a month tossed in with the CP award. Guess you could buy them outright, but that feels too much like actually just gambling away your monthly fee.
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