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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Today you couldn't even get the time of day from Hasbro for $2.95. As late as the Episode II/CLONES merchandising blitz of 2002 basic action figures still cost just $4.99 or thereabouts at almost all retail outlets in this country and went up just a dollar or so for Episode III/SITH a few years later. I remember getting most of my Episode III action figures for just $5.99 plus tax. Then the price increases started to kick in in the latter half of the last decade and now the cheapest non-sale or markdown action figure you can score at retail is $8.96 before sales tax...there are even some Targets in other states and locales where the price of a Vintage Collection figure has risen to a nausea-inducing $11.99 before tax.

I'm guessing that all action figures from all the lines we collect will cost more than ten dollars each before too long. The trend is definitely towards double-digit retail pricepoints and I won't be surprised in the least if Hasbro has an MSRP of around $10.99 for Basic figures starting in 2013 to coincide with the 3-D release of ATTACK OF THE CLONES. The era of five-dollar action figures is long over, my friends. An awful lot of kids and collectors are going to be priced right out of the market.
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