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Re: Cast actors for AVENGERS II

The Wasp: Amande Seyfried
The Vision: Christopher Judge
The Scarlet Witch: Thora Birch
Wonder Man: Guy Pearce
Mantis: Bai Ling
The Falcon: Tyrese Gibson
Hercules: Dominic Purcell
Captain Marvel II (female, 1980s): Rosario Dawson
The Black Panther: Samuel L. Jackson
Jarvis the Butler: Peter O'Toole
Spider-Man: Robert Pattinson
The Flash: Paul Bettany
Isis: Meaghan Rath
Dr. Doom: Jeremy Irons
The Leader: Jason Issacs
Doctor Claw: Frank Welker
Graviton: Stephen Lang
Wonder Dog: Frank Welker (voice)
Galactus: Peter Cullen (voice)
The Watcher: Patrick Stewart (voice)
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