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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Ahab...whom Picard was likened to
B is for Beverly Crusher
C is for Clone
D is for Darmok
E is for Exocomp
F is for the Federation
G is for Gul Madred
H is for Halliian
I is for Inter-species mating
J is for Jonathan Frakes.
K is for K'Ehleyr
L is for Lal
M is for Mogh
N is for Narendra III
O is for Outrageous Okona
P is for Patrick Stewart
Q is for quantum filament. 1701-D collided with one in "Disaster". Resulting in an explosion of technobable.
R is for Riker's beard
S is for Silicon Avatar
T is for Tamarians...the Children of Tama
U is for Ullians
V is for Valt, a planet at war with Krios.
W is for Wellington, a starship destroyed at the Battle of Wolf 359
X is for Xendi Sabu, a star system.
Y is for Yar
Z is for Zimbata. Geordi's CO from his time on USS Victory.
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