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Re: What's with the Uniforms?

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^^^ So the endless debates that have occupied the time of many a TrekBBS member about Starfleet as a non-military organization never existed?
People can debate whatever they like. Nonetheless, the possible non-military nature of Starfleet doesn't really rear its head in TOS (unless you count Kirk's remark late in the series - "Day Of The Dove" - that "we've been trained to think in terms other than war" as evidence). Things that Roddenberry wrote before and during TOS often reference military antecedents, including his suggestion in the TOS Writer's Guide that screenwriters for the show ask themselves whether character behavior would be plausible if the story were being told on a 20th century naval vessel.

Roddenberry began using terms like "paramilitary" to describe Starfleet in the 1970s.
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