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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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I just finished reading issue nine and well...we know where Buffy is and what happened to her now. Spike said it best, Andrew's plan was pretty convoluted. This issue kind of felt like both filler and set up for some reason to me. I did like the conversation between Xander and Detective Dowling. Dawn losing her cell in the dump I assume will be followed up upon. Spike was kind of Batman like in this issue I thought lol. The next few issues should be fascinating.
I hope you've read #8 as well.

I still can't believe that #9 leaked a month early. Reading them both one after another (and some people apparently went straight to #9, missing #8, which must have been bizarre) has its good and its bad sides. I think #8 is much better - I was annoyed by some things in #9, so it's kinda sad that #9 has overshadowed #8. The worst part is that we'll not have to wait 2 months for a new issue, unless Dark Horse decides to release this one early in order to salvage some of the damage to the sales that this leak must be causing.

Dawn losing her cell in the dump caused her not to receive Buffy's call.

The next issue is supposed to be the resolution of this story.
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