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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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Looks great, but Bond is supposed to be perpetually around 40 years old. Daniel Craig looks like he's aging early, though he still looks awesome.
Craig is now 44, in his 3rd outing and was 38 when we first saw him as 007. Brosnan was 42 in his debut, Dalton 43 in his debut. Roger Moore was pushing 47 when he first played Bond. Only Lazenby, just under 30 when OHMSS was released and Connery, 32 in Dr No, were younger. In fact, when Connery first quit the role after You Only Live Twice, at 37 he was younger than Craig was in CR.

But yes, Craig's (appropriately for his name) craggy features are ageing a little quicker than his more conventionally handsome predecessors, while his stubble is grey.
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