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Re: RUSH: Clockwork Angels

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Lovin' the snippet included here!

Digits... just how close were you to the stage?!?!?!
4th row, dead center.

That's Working Man.

So did you have to sell both your soul and your wife's to get those?
Well, they weren't giving them away, you know. But what the heck. You can't take it with you.

Here's another shot for you.

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Awesome new. I've been a RUSH fan for many, many years. Being born and raised in Buffalo, NY, I've had the oppertunity to see them live A LOT. They always seemed to kick off their US tours in Buffalo. My first RUSH concert 2112 and then there was their Moving Pictures tour (internal album phot's from the Buffalo concert!). From that point on I was completely hooked and I saw every album tour right up to and including Roll The Bones. I saw them again on their Test For Echo tour and then again on their Sankes & Arrows tour. I've lost count how many concerts I've been to....

Time to see them again. I hope they hit Toledo or Cleveland!

Have you seen The Time Machine Tour DVD? It was filmed in Cleveland. Including Moving Pictures in its entirety.

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