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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

That's pretty much the common math, if you aren't a LTS already. So little difference between Gold and Silver and even less if you have been Gold in the past, as you don't lose the benefits of bigger bank, etc when you downgrade.

Paying $15 a month extra for almost no gain. They give out C-Points, but inflated (almost) all the prices to compensate for it. And if you just paid for the items outright instead of doing the sub first, you'd have cash in your pocket, and could pick WHEN to spend it, instead of blowing c-points just because they're there and you paid already...

As for the currencies: I don't understand their logic. They took away Emblems and Marks of Vallor because they said we had too many currencies, and it was confusing. Screwed a lot of people on the conversion when they reduced them. Then added EDC/salvage for the STFs, dilithium, these crystalsm, and it's only increased the issue. Meanwhile, latinum, a legit Trek currency, sits around doing bubkis...
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