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Re: How I Met Your Mother: Barney and... (Spoilers ahead...)

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Did anyone see a ring on Barney's finger in 2015?
Unfortunately, it looks like Neil Patrick Harris had his left hand covered just enough that you couldn't tell one way or another. I wonder if it was filmed that way on purpose, knowing that the fans would go looking for the small details again.
Absolutely on purpose. his left hand was constantly curled or tucked awkwardly.
I went back for a re-watch, and Barney was absolutely covering his left hand. At no point was the hand in the frame. There is no way that was unintentional, because no one would sit the way he was sitting, it looked uncomfortable and completely out of character for a laidback guy like Barney.

I also specifically looked for the different box sets in each flashback. The real 2006 flashback was missing the boxset prop, so no dice there. The fake 2009 was also missing a close-up of the fake newspaper headline. The fake 2012 flashback (forward?) inexplicably had a headline about George W. Bush getting a 3rd term as President, which I imagine was an accident. That one makes more sense in the fake 2012.
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