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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

I could be mistaken, but the Obi-Wan body might be from an upcoming three-figure Battle Pack called "Duel on Naboo" that features three all-new sculpts but which have 1990s style articulation to make them easier to tool and more kid-friendly. No elbow, wrist, knee or ankle joints, and everything is a cut or swivel design. No modern ball joints whatsoever. If it's not a reuse of the Battle Pack mold then it's a shameless reuse of a 1999 or 2000 body with just eight points of articulation. Either way, it's not impressive. That head is clearly from 1999 and there have been a hundred Ewan McGregor heads since then that look better.

And I agree on the droids being inaccurate, but Hasbro reps at the recent New York Toy Fair admitted that folded-up droids hanging on a rack didn't offer any real play value so they decided to have 16 of the 20 droids in the set standing with a poseable right arm with blaster so they could be used in battle scenarios. The other four droids have normal articulation and can be posed like just about any other Battle Droid figure of the past 13 years, though I'm fairly sure they'll be of the quality seen in the Saga Legends or Movie Heroes lines. Cheaper plastic and marginally less accurate sculpting and paint apps. Having four Vintage Collection Battle Droids in the MTT would probably jack the price up another ten or fifteen bucks.
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