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Re: Who was the more dangerous enemy, the Borg or the Dominion?

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But Star Trek only makes sense when we assume one or two continuous timelines (e.g. normal Trek and mirror Trek). Otherwise there's no narrative.
Yet Next Gen's "Parallels" explicitly describes an infinite multiverse, branching for every possible outcome of any event, anywhere, ever.
Yes, but in another universe "Parallels" described the opposite.

Oh. Wait. No.

Anyway, my point is not that there isn't a multi-verse in Star Trek (or, indeed, in reality).

My point is that, when it comes to writing about the Borg in the few universes we follow, the authors often write implausible characters and plots.

If we can't speak this way, then no writing is ever bad, because in another universe the characters and plots are more plausible.
Actually, as preposterous as it sounds (and I'll believe it when I meet my duplicate) the sci-fi style multiverse may be a real thing:

And yes, the writing of Trek is frequently inconsistant and implausible. You'll get no argument there!
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