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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

The Ferengi lock boxes are here:

Prepare to be spa..entertained!
As with the previous lock boxes, I am not really personally interested of spending any money on the keys, while I do admit that there is one or two nice items there.
I kind of wish that we would rather get some more stuff to the C-store instead, like some Klingon costume packs..and maybe a KDF bundle, since Fed side already have three(would be quite easy to invent content to such, IMHO).

I have been spending bit more time on the Klingon side of the game this week, creating a new toon and so on.
I also too advantage of the recent sale and finally got the Excelsior-class ship that I have been thinking of getting for a some time. I just need to refit her with some consoles now.
Definitely one of the best looking ships in the game

My Vulcan science officer got invited to Risa for some drinks by another player. She thanked everyone for nice shooting after after a fleet event..and I was only one who replied to that. What followed was some drinks and pleasant conversation
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